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BtoB Connect is a proven B2B-only networking system designed to generate more qualified referrals for your company by properly positioning you in front of prospects with pre-established credibility and influence. Our refreshingly effective personal introduction process is rooted in relationship building and generating referrals-the most effective way to close a sale. In fact, studies show that you have up to a 95 percent chance of closing a sale through a personal introduction as opposed to 5 percent with cold-marketing. You'll enjoy the BtoB Connect differences:

• No mandatory referrals
• Every member presents at every meeting, up to 5 minutes
• Defined and proven qualified referral system
• No exclusivity (joining other groups is encouraged)
• Meetings every *other* week
• Strictly business members calling on other businesses (not consumers)


Our organization was created out of frustration with other networking groups. The founders were tired of wasting  time attending networking meetings that were better suited for B2C businesses such as residential real estate or landscaping, vitamin sales or other personal care products. BtoB Connect's membership is B2B-only and filled with like-minded professionals who want to help your business grow and have Roladexes that are synergistic to yours.

B to B Connect, LLC. is a BBB Accredited Professional Organization in Streetsboro, OH

Business Opportunity

Drive Your Core Business While Building Residual Income



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