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Don't take our word for it, see what our members say about results they've gotten from their partipation in BtoB Connect:


3 New Clients $18k

"I love my B to B connect chapter!  In my first 6 weeks as a member I won enough new business through referral to pay my dues for the remainder of the year.  Within 6 months I received a referral that resulted in my winning 3 new clients resulting in over $18K in new business the first year, and this is recurring business!"

-Ken Gulling, CPA, Baumgarten & Company LLP

CFO Took My Call and We Met the Following Week

"The result of the referral was fantastic! (The prospect) responded right away, and we scheduled a meeting the next week.  After some introductory discussion, he freely shared financial information about what the College is currently doing.  I am now definitely in his “cabinet” of Advisors to call when the next opportunity is put out for bid at the college.  He also assured me he will not hesitate to offer up my name to other CFOs he consults with over the year.
This is an “A” contact for me to develop and stay in touch with.  Without the BtoB Connect referral, the prospect would have never taken my call, let alone met with me.  The introduction was very powerful, but what’s behind the true successes is that I am able to win business through Referrals and Introductions, accelerating credibility immediately."

-JS, Financial Services

High-End Machine Referral -- SOLD!

"I am proud to announce that I received a referral to a company that was looking for a high-end industrial scrubber machine ... I sold it and it resulted in a $11,000 sale! That referral was from fellow Beachwood member BuyRight office products--thank you!"

-Tom Turner, EnviroChemical

My Largest Transaction

"Last month I closed a sale that is equal to 20 percent of my yearly goal! It was my largest transaction to date. Without the introduction from a BtoB Connect member this opportunity would never have come to fruition. BtoB Connect has and will continue to be a vital key to my success!"

-Chad Greene, Dollar Leasing

$75,000 of Referrals!

"From three personal referrals I received in BtoB Connect, our firm will bill approximately $75,000. And one referral has already led to seven or eight qualified contacts I'm very optimistic about. Thanks BtoB Connect!!"

- Craig Miller, Duffy+Duffy Cost Segregation

$1,000,000 Meeting

"A chapter member personally introduced me to an executive I had been trying to reach for a year. The initial meeting led to an even bigger opportunity-involvement in a marketing event with close to a $1 million budget. After our second meeting, this successful executive said, "I am really glad you called me. I need to thank Matt for introducing us; without his influence I would not have scheduled time to meet with you."

- Bob Vance, Shamrock Companies

270 Print Projects

"A referral I received at a BtoB Connect meeting helped me to land an account in New York, NY. Copy King will be providing presentation materials for approximately 270 meetings in one year. Not only is this good business, but the relationship with this customer has been so positive, they've invited me to fly up for their company Christmas party!"

- John Schneeberger, Copy King

Four Sales in Two Weeks

"I just got a call from your referral and he is going to produce a postcard campaign with me. Thank you. This is the fourth closed pieces of business for me from BtoB Connect in just two weeks!

- Rob Crabtree, Crabtree Creations

Lucrative and Loyal Customer

"I was referred to a publisher whose needs matched our services. Based on the referral and edification from the referring member, I met the owner who accepted me as trustworthy "expert" from the start and I easily closed the sale. Then that customer referred me to five other associated publications and, as a group, they engaged our services, too. That was 15 months ago and over $100,000 in business. BtoB Connect flat out works."

- Dale Siegel, Owner, System One, Inc.

It Works

"I've been given quality business leads that have resulted in increased revenue for my business. The best part is the trust factor. BtoB Connect has made the whole process of growing my business more relaxed and fun."

- Maire Cutlip, CPA, Better Financial Solutions, LLC

I Bought a Company!

"At a recent BtoB Connect meeting, I shared with the group that I was looking to expand my accounting firm through acquisition. One of the members personally referred me to the decision maker of a firm that was selling. That was Friday morning. By Friday afternoon, I visited the firm and began drawing up paperwork. On Tuesday, I presented my offer, and by Wednesday the sale was closed! A transaction of this nature would have never occurred without a personal introduction. And it would've never occurred that quickly without the BtoB Connect member immediately establishing my credibility with the prospect."

- Greg Hostelley, CPA, Managing Director
Inner Circle Advisors

A $28,000 order!

"My dealings with business groups in the past were marginal at best. To my pleasant surprise, BtoB Connect members are the most professional group of business people I have ever been around. I've not only partnered with one member on some recent projects, but one of the leads I received has resulted in a $28,000 order that involves more by end of year."

- Neil Nathanson, Owner, Nathanson & Associates

Major Project in Dallas, TX

"As a result of BtoB Connect's unique referral process, we landed our largest project last year in Dallas, TX. A member gave us a personal introduction to the CEO of a substantial IT consulting firm in Cleveland. His client (in Dallas) needed a major rollout of equipment to eight locations nationwide. Good timing and the right contact made this project happen. We are constantly amazed on the high-level introductions made through BtoB Connect."

- Jim Hornyak, Owner, JW Hornyak Videoconferencing (

My Biggest Sale!

"A fellow member personally introduced me to my biggest sale - more than $134,000."

- Andrew Lesak, Owner

B to B Connect, LLC. is a BBB Accredited Professional Organization in Streetsboro, OH

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